We asked the finest fabrics to give shape to people’s wishes. In their refinement we have discovered the possibility of telling a story of passion for beauty, elegance and style.
Exclusive fabrics, combined with sculpted buttons in natural stones, coral and 18-karat gold, meet the excellence of our entirely Italian manufacture.
We don't make jackets, we “build” them. Interlinings, ribbons and floats move in our hands to give shape, ergonomics and lightness to a collection that redefines the canons of the “classic” jacket.
It transforms it, lightens it, re-proportions it. It makes it breathable and therefore perfect for any climate thanks to its design: no glue points and a natural core that make it warm during the winter and cool during the summer. A unique collection, able to best represent the essence of your style.
Marucella Jacket
Capri-yellow two-button jacket
Yellow quartz buttons
Cetrella Suit
Sky-blue two-button suit
Ebony wood buttons
Banchinella Suit
Checked one-button suit
Buttons in Calacatta marble
Scopolo Suit
Amber double-breasted pinstriped suit. Shawl-like peak lapels.
Tiger’s eye buttons
Punta Tragara
Jacket - Light Dusty Pink
Checked two-button jacket, light dusty pink with snow-white stripes.
Pink mother-of-pearl mosaic buttons.
Stella Suit
Oltrecielo Blue and Sea Green
Checked double-breasted suit, Oltrecielo blue with sea-green micro stripes.
Green quartz buttons.
Acquaviva Jacket - Limited Edition
Oltrecielo blue double-breasted jacket with one button.
White coral buttons.
Punta Tragara Jacket
Checked two-button jacket, aquamarine with dust grey stripes.
Olive wood buttons.
Sella Orta Jacket
Checked two-button jacked, pale blue with baby-blue stripes.
Mother-of-pearl buttons.
Scopolo Jacket
Checked double-breasted jacket, Oltrecielo blue with blue lines.
Boreal mother-of-pearl buttons.
Cetrella Suit - Limited Edition
Cognac-brown suit with 18K pink gold buttons
Stella suit
Mauve double-breasted suit with high buttoning point.
Mookaite buttons